How to Find Us

The Garden is on Barracks Lane and can be accessed via Cumberland Road, off Cowley Road (and not the Holloway end of Barracks Lane). Go to the end of Cumberland Road, turn left onto Barracks Lane. The garden is at the corner where the Barracks Lane road meets the Barracks Lane footpath. 

There are regular bus services to the Cowley Road from Oxford City Centre and Blackbird Leys, the nearest bus stop is Howard Street.

If you're coming by bike, there are parking racks on the right as you emerge into the garden.

Where To Park

All surrounding roads have parking restrictions. During the day (something like 8am to 6:30pm) you can park for up to 2 hours (free). 

There's one area which lets you stay for 4 hours which is on Barracks Lane on the side opposite the junction with Cumberland Road. Over night it's residents only. This applies 7 days a week.

Get In Touch

The best way to contact us is to email or to just come along to one of our classes.